Marie Rougier Interior Design History.

” To believe in your projects with humility, strength and perseverance in order to realize your interiors. “

My interior worlds are driven by a deep passion articulated around an unique story specific to each project and an immense respect for my clients who have always trusted me.

I love INTERIOR DESIGN as much as ARCHITECTURE or CREATIVE DIRECTION of our professions.

From detail to the whole picture, it’s all about the harmonious relationship shared with all teams and clients for the last fifteen years. 

Without them nothing would be possible.

Their precision eye, their knowledge, their know-how, their meticulous work allow me to fully express my creativity through the immense field of possibilities they offer.

It is by knowing how to surround myself with multidisciplinary people or high precision technicians that I have been able to learn and then share with happiness all these trades.

Whether it is for the renovation of a private, commercial, hotel or heritage property.

My travels and my multiple experiences abroad have also contributed to extend my knowledge beyond the European borders, I have thus had the immense privilege to be confronted with different cultures and different requirements of my customers internationally. Like New York in the United States, Germany, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

I graduated in 2009 from the Camondo school in Paris and I also did a year of preparatory school at the Penninghen school in Paris VIeme. I received a double degree in Design and Interior Architecture.

After my studies I spent 2 years in New York to design palaces in Bahrain and private apartments in Manhattan for the interior design firm of Mr Pierre Court.

I returned to France – to be part of the team of the great and unique Philippe Starck for 3 years, I was in charge of the project of a private yacht, the development of Mama Shelter Hotels, private villas and SLS Hotels in Miami.

I then spent almost 2 years with the famous Parisian interior designer Mrs Sarah Lavoine to realize private projects for confidential clients, the Victoria Paris restaurant near the Champs Elysees and the development of her studio.

I then joined the team of Affine Design Architecture Studio in Paris to realize all the decoration of the Prestigious Hotel de Paris in Monaco during 4 years.

At the same time, I was project manager of all the interior design projects of this same agency, thanks to which I reinforced my skills on projects like the Provençal in St Raphaël or the Hotel de La Reserve de Beaulieu, private villas, yachts for private clients, as well as luxury projects in Hong Kong.

Today, after having acquired enough experience and having managed alone projects of high precision and great complexity,

I chose to set up my own business between Paris and Kazakhstan.

The agency is composed of 5 people all equally experienced, hardworking, willing and attentive to your needs.

We will accompany you through each step of your project,
We will find for you the solutions that will answer your dreams,
We will follow your project in the smallest details to ensure quality.
We have highly qualified teams that adapt to your budget.

More than an interior design agency, we are here to listen to you, to guide you, to reassure you and to implement your desires.

The key to success for us is trust, which is built from the start by listening carefully to the needs of our customers and our craftsmen.